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ARAGONITE CRYSTALS.  Excellent specimens .  $5:00 ea
5.00 $

Agate Guitar Picks

Agate Guitar Picks, Various shapes and thickness.  $12.00 EA
12.00 $


COYOMITO GEODES; From Mexico Colorful with a crystal center
15.00 $


Metaphysical massage wands Yellow Adventurin
20.00 $

Crystal Healing Massage Wands

3-4 " cut crystal Massage wands
20.00 $


Massage wands 2" to 4" long, Round and excellent for getting at those tight muscles.
20.00 $


Ruby crystals imbedded in Zoisite carved into a massage wand. Free shipping USA only.
25.00 $

Owyhee Jasper Cab

Owyhee Jasper Cab  From old stock rock
70.00 $

Bruneau Jasper Pendant

Bruneau Jasper Pend  Wrapped in Sterling Silver
75.00 $

Owyhee Jasper Cab

Owyhee Jasper Cab, From Old stock
75.00 $

Bruneau Jasper Pendant

Bruneau Jasper Pend. Wrapped in Sterling wire with matching chain
90.00 $

Arizona Wood Pendant

Arizona Wood Pend, Wrapped in 14kt Gold Filled Wire
90.00 $

Blue Mountain Pendant

Blue Mountain Pendant Wire wrapped in Sterling Silver
90.00 $

Morrisonite Pendant

Morrisonite Pendant wrapped in Sterling wire
90.00 $

Sunstone in Heart Pendant

Sunstone in Heart Pend,  5mm Sunstone in a sterling heart.
99.00 $

Sunstone Leverback Earrings

Sunstone Leverback Earrings, These are Pink 5mm stones in a leverback dangle earring.
110.00 $

Sunstones and Gold-2

Sunstones and Gold-2.  Green Sunstones in 14kt Gold.
150.00 $

Sunstones and GOLD!

Sunstones and GOLD!  4mm Red Sunstones set in 14kt Gold mounts.
150.00 $

Sunstone Studs

Sunstone Studs, Red 9x6 Pear [teardrop] cut. Set in Sterling.
150.00 $

Large Owyhee Cab

Large Owyhee Cab.  Has lots of reds and is a showpiece.
150.00 $

Sunstone 6×4 Oval Studs

Sunstone 6x4 Oval Studs Red Sunstones set in Sterling
175.00 $

7mm Trillium Sunstones

7mm Trillium Sunstones, Red Red Red Set in Sterling
190.00 $

Fire Agate Ring

Fire Agate Ring,  Size 6  Hand made
200.00 $

Red Sunstone Studs

Red Sunstone Studs.  8mm round red Sunstone Earrings.
210.00 $

Red Sunstone Earrings

Red Sunstone Earrings, 9x7mm red orange studs. Set in Sterling.
210.00 $

Sunstone Dangles

Sunstone Dangles, Red Sunstone dangles 7x5mm Red ovals.
225.00 $

Sunstone Necklace

Sunstone Necklace , 16x8mm Lite red Marquis pendant w/ chain
250.00 $

Sunstone Necklace

Sunstone Necklace, 16x8mm Bi-Color Marquis Sunstone set in Silver.
250.00 $

Sunstone Pendant

Sunstone Pendant, 12x9 oval lite pink/green 3.76cts
299.00 $

Sunstone Pendant.

Sunstone Pendant.  14x10 mm Pink Sunstone 6.34cts
399.00 $


Here is a Peavey JF-1 guitar. Lots of improvements with fretwork ect. Excellent guitar for the money.  Beautiful Flamed top.  Shipping and ins on this item is $50.00 included in the price.  You pick up it is only $350.00
400.00 $

16.63 cts Faceted Sunstone, Pear cut.

16.63 cts Faceted Sunstone, Pear cut.  Orange red shill Sunstone, Collector item.  The Oregon State Gem Stone.
1,600.00 $

Round Portuguese cut Sunstone 12.66 ct

Round Portuguese cut Sunstone 12.66 ct.   Excellent stone, Cut in New York by a known cutter.
1,899.00 $

11.46ct. Sunstone Fancy cut—-SOLD

11.46ct. Sunstone Fancy cut.  The Oregon State Gemstone.   Red Fancy cut from our claims in the Plush Oregon area.
2,292.00 $

9.60 ct Green Sunstone,Oval.

9.60 ct Green Sunstone,Oval. Rare Green Sunstone. Oregon State Gem.
2,400.00 $

20.79 ct Sunstone collector item

20.79 ct Sunstone collector item. Special cut. Marquois.
3,118.00 $
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