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Eudialite Cab

Eudialite Cab.  From the Kola peninsula of Russia.
60.00 $

Saginite agate cab

Saginite agate cab.  Large cab of good Saginite agate.
50.00 $

Owyhee Jasper Cab

Owyhee Jasper Cab, From Old stock
75.00 $

Owyhee Jasper Cab

Owyhee Jasper Cab  From old stock rock
70.00 $

Red Sunstone Earrings

Red Sunstone Earrings, 9x7mm red orange studs. Set in Sterling.
210.00 $

Red Sunstone Studs

Red Sunstone Studs.  8mm round red Sunstone Earrings.
210.00 $

7mm Trillium Sunstones

7mm Trillium Sunstones, Red Red Red Set in Sterling
190.00 $

Sunstone 6×4 Oval Studs

Sunstone 6x4 Oval Studs Red Sunstones set in Sterling
175.00 $

Sunstone Leverback Earrings

Sunstone Leverback Earrings, These are Pink 5mm stones in a leverback dangle earring.
110.00 $

Sunstone Dangles

Sunstone Dangles, Red Sunstone dangles 7x5mm Red ovals.
225.00 $
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