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Bruneau Jasper Pendant

Bruneau Jasper Pend. Wrapped in Sterling wire with matching chain
90.00 $

Arizona Wood Pendant

Arizona Wood Pend, Wrapped in 14kt Gold Filled Wire
90.00 $

Bruneau Jasper Pendant

Bruneau Jasper Pend  Wrapped in Sterling Silver
75.00 $

Blue Mountain Pendant

Blue Mountain Pendant Wire wrapped in Sterling Silver
90.00 $

Sunstone rough

Sunstone rough;  Facet rough, Red Green; 11.65 cts  FREE SHIPPING
35.00 $
Please be adviced that this product is out of stock

Sunstone Rough.19.10 cts

Sunstone Rough. 19.10 cts Red Green facet stone. FREE SHIPPING
60.00 $

Sunstone Rough 26.26ct

Sunstone Rough 26.26ct; Red Green shill.  FREE  SHIPPING !!!
99.00 $

Sunstone Rough 22.37cts

Sunstone Rough 22.37cts  Red Hint of Green  Facet stone.  FREE SHIPPING
70.00 $

Sunstone Rough 18.36cts

Sunstone Rough 18.36cts Facet stone Red  FREE SHIPPING !!
58.00 $

Sunstone Rough 43.14 ct.

Sunstone Rough 43.14 ct.;  Clear stone. We have a supply of these for practice on sunstone cutting and they make an exceptional looking stone.   FREE SHIPPING
43.00 $
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