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Owyhee Jasper Cab

Owyhee Jasper Cab  From old stock rock
70.00 $

Sunstone Rough.19.10 cts

Sunstone Rough. 19.10 cts Red Green facet stone. FREE SHIPPING
60.00 $

Eudialite Cab

Eudialite Cab.  From the Kola peninsula of Russia.
60.00 $

Sunstone Rough 18.36cts

Sunstone Rough 18.36cts Facet stone Red  FREE SHIPPING !!
58.00 $


GEM SCOOP,  Save your back and pick up agates with a Gem Scoop.
55.00 $

Old stock Blue Sky Biggs

Old stock Blue Sky Biggs.  This was collected many years ago by my Dad and Myself in the original road cut.
50.00 $

Owyhee Cab

Owyhee Cab; 35x30mm  Nice old stock scenic jasper.  FREE SHIPPING
50.00 $

Owyhee cab

Owyhee cab;  50x28 mm  Nice scenic jasper. FREE SHIPPING
50.00 $

Saginite agate cab

Saginite agate cab.  Large cab of good Saginite agate.
50.00 $

Heavy duty Short Pick

Heavy duty Short Pick  Handle length apx 28 inches with magnet
49.00 $
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