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Willow Creek, Jasper #1

Willow Creek,   Jasper #1  Apx 3x3.5 inchsWill cut a few nice cabs
15.00 $
Please be adviced that this product is out of stock


BLUE BIGGS JASPER !!!!  Here is a large slab of RARE Blue Biggs, Good scene, solid.
150.00 $


BURRO CREEK AGATE [Damsonite]#3  Excellent material. From old [around 1970] stock.
35.00 $

BURRO CREEK AGATE. [Damsonite]#4

BURRO CREEK AGATE. [Damsonite]#4  Excellent color and dendrites too!!
35.00 $

Polka Dot Agate #58

Polka Dot Agate #58  37x35mm shield cut  Oregon Material. FREE SHIPPING
30.00 $

Tube Agate #57

Tube Agate #57  Unusual rectangle cut 35x15mm  Oregon Tube agate.  FREE SHIPPING
25.00 $

Moss Agate #56

Moss Agate #56  Freeform Hampton Butte Green Moss, FREE SHIPPING
30.00 $

Moss Agate #55

Moss Agate #55  45x24mm  Oregon Moss Agate.  FREE SHIPPING
30.00 $

Moss Agate #54

Moss Agate #54  Maurey Mountain Moss. 37x26mm  FREE SHIPPING
30.00 $

Moss Agate #51

Moss Agate #51  47x30mm Tall shield cut Moss agate.  FREE SHIPPING
30.00 $
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