Lapidary & Rockhounding

Lapidary & Rockhounding

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Apophyllite Crystals from India. Excellent clarity and shape apx 4 " long
90.00 $

18 lb Vibrating Tumbler

Less mess, Less fuss, 18 Lb Vibrating tumbler, Industrial version.
399.00 $

Tumble Vibe Tumbler- Industrial Version

10 Lb heavey duty vibrating rock tumbler.
295.00 $


Apophyllite crystal apx 4.5 long From India. Excellent specimen.
90.00 $

Burro Creek Slabs

Burro Creek Slabs  Cut from the same piece, Adjacent slabs  2 left
35.00 $


GEM SCOOP,  Save your back and pick up agates with a Gem Scoop.
55.00 $

22oz Rock Hammer/Pick

22oz Rock Hammer/Pick  Made for Jobe IND.
30.00 $

Heavy duty Short Pick

Heavy duty Short Pick  Handle length apx 28 inches with magnet
49.00 $
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