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Massage wands 2" to 4" long, Round and excellent for getting at those tight muscles.
20.00 $

Blue Mountain Jasper #29

Blue Mountain Jasper #29  Blue Mountain Jasper Cab 50x31mm  FREE SHIPPING
30.00 $

Maury Mountain Moss

Maury Mountain Moss,  Excellent slab of colorful Maury Mountain Moss agate
15.00 $

Gary Green, Larsonite #1

Gary Green, Larsonite #1.  From the McDerrmit area  We dug this in the mid 60's
20.00 $

Tube Agate with Moss

Tube Agate with Moss,  Nice slab . Good cabs
20.00 $

Arizona Wood.

Arizona Wood.  Nice slab of colorful Arizona wood ready for show or cabbing
25.00 $

9.60 ct Green Sunstone,Oval.

9.60 ct Green Sunstone,Oval. Rare Green Sunstone. Oregon State Gem.
2,400.00 $

Round Portuguese cut Sunstone 12.66 ct

Round Portuguese cut Sunstone 12.66 ct.   Excellent stone, Cut in New York by a known cutter.
3,000.00 $

20.79 ct Sunstone collector item

20.79 ct Sunstone collector item. Special cut. Marquois.
3,118.00 $

11.46ct. Sunstone Fancy cut—-SOLD

11.46ct. Sunstone Fancy cut.  The Oregon State Gemstone.   Red Fancy cut from our claims in the Plush Oregon area.
2,292.00 $
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