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ARAGONITE CRYSTALS.  Excellent specimens .  $5:00 ea
5.00 $


 These came to me in an Estate and most are nice geodes or miniature thunder eggs. We sell them for $10.00 per lb  We have 100 lbs + Like Obamacare, you can't tell whats in it till you open it!
10.00 $

Agate Guitar Picks

Agate Guitar Picks, Various shapes and thickness.  $12.00 EA
12.00 $

Garretts Gold Trap Gold Pan

Garretts Gold Trap Gold Pan 14 " pan
13.00 $

Maury Mountain Moss

Maury Mountain Moss,  Excellent slab of colorful Maury Mountain Moss agate
15.00 $

Oregon Flame #2

Oregon Flame #2  Excellent material. Nice flames.
15.00 $

Oregon Flame.#1

Oregon Flame.#1  Excellent cabbing material. Good flames. Will make stunning cabs
15.00 $


COYOMITO GEODES; From Mexico Colorful with a crystal center
15.00 $

Gary Green, Larsonite #1

Gary Green, Larsonite #1.  From the McDerrmit area  We dug this in the mid 60's
20.00 $

Tube Agate with Moss

Tube Agate with Moss,  Nice slab . Good cabs
20.00 $
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